Sunday, February 17, 2008

The growing role of psychology in marketing research

This chart -- "the emotional filter model", from Erik Du Plessis' book The Advertised Mind, shows the interaction between experience & advertising in creating brand memories. The chart accurately weighs the factors leading to the creation and retention of brand memories in the mind -- displaying the role of advertising in the process.

At the bottom of the chart, it displays how research has generally fit into the process of monitoring advertising & brand campaigns. Recent marketing research products have started to expand from this position, and place greater emphasis on the everyday experiences with products -- quality research, loyalty research, likelihood to recommend scores, etc..

With the recent advancements in, and popularization of, cognitive and evolutionary psychology, how should we expect marketing research to evolve as a discipline? Will the popularity of anthropological/ethnographical techniques and surveys of the 1990's be supplanted with an emphasis on psychology going forward? And if it does, will the nature of market research change from a focus on interaction between consumers and specific products, to how consumers react to product stimuli in general?

More about the book The Advertised Mind may be found here:


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